Mandatory Rules To Be Read Before Attending an Event


  • No Alcohol at the event
  • You must have a helmet and neck to wrist to ankle clothing.
  • Any Reckless or Dangerous Driving (burn outs, donuts etc) and you will be asked to leave on the spot without refund. You will not be invited back.
  • No canvassing without express permission. You will be asked to leave.
  • Driving instructors are not permitted as passengers at Time Attack events.

On Track

The following rules will be enforced with no exception. If you break the rules you will be asked to leave the event without refund.

  • Red Flag:- If the red flag (and traffic light) is out you must slow down to 40km/h and leave the track immediately.
  • Yellow Flag:- If the yellow flag (and traffic light) is out you must slow down to 40km/h until the yellow is cleared.
  • Corner Overtaking:- You are not permitted to overtake in corners.
  • You must not follow the car ahead of you too closely especially in corners.
  • You must not drive in a dangerous manor. You will only get one warning, if you repeat the behaviour you will be asked to leave.


  • Drifting is not allowed.
  • No passengers are allowed in your car on the track except during a designated passenger session.
  • Do not enter the track from the pit lane unless you have been given permission by the pit lane controller.
  • Pit lane limited to 40 km/h.
  • Pit lane is one way, go to the back gate to re-enter the pit lane.
  • Overtaking is only allowed on the nominated straight(s) as discussed at the driver briefing at the specific track.
  • The driver being overtaken must hold their line and pace and allow the overtaking manoeuvre to occur before the next corner. Two cars must not enter the next corner side by side.
  • Strictly no tail-gating. The following driver must maintain at least 2 car lengths (10m) bumper to bumper at any time unless overtaking.
  • Use your rear vision mirrors. Be aware of where you are and who is around you on the track.


  • If you bring someone as a spectator you are responsible for their behaviour. If they break the rules both of you will be asked to leave.

Equipment Condition


TimeAttack suggests that you have your vehicle checked and serviced by a professional before hitting the track.

There may be a basic equipment safety checks on the day. But in preperation for Track Day please us the following check list.

Minimum Equipment Safety Check List:-

  • Check that your helmet has the required safety stickers and has no cracks.
  • Check that your clothing is long sleeved, neck to wrist to ankle.
  • Check that your seat belts are secure and working correctly.
  • Check that your seats are secure.
  • Check your fluid levels, and your engine for leaks.
  • Check your exhaust for smoke.
  • Check tyres are in good condition.
  • Check there are no loose items under the bonnet or in the cabin or boot (including unsecured video cameras).
  • Check that your battery is not loose. Preferably the terminals are not exposed.
  • Check all panel work is secured.
  • Check that your brake lights and indicators work.
  • Check your brakes work correclty and have good pad life remaining.
  • Check your windshield is secure and free of cracks.
  • Check your bonnet is secure.
  • Check your doors and side windows are secure.
  • Check your wheel studs and nuts are secure.

If your car has a removable tow hook, ensure it is fitted to the car at the track.

If you are missing any safety equipment, you will not be able to drive and there will be no refund of track day fees. This is not negotiable.

It is recommended that a fire extinguisher is installed in your car. A fire extinguisher may become a mandatory track day requirement in the future.


At track day I put the quickest cars into Group A. Some of these cars are capable of lap times in the mid to low 50’s on the Sprint track.

These are cars such as the Radical Race Cars, the Porsche Cup Cars, and the Highly Modified R35 GTRs.

We have previously allowed the drivers of these cars to share a driving place with another driver. The second driver has been booked into Group B.

As these cars are so quick, they are much quicker than the cars normally in Group B. This means they are constantly lapping the drivers in Group B, and they are not getting clean laps.

So now instead of sharing the quick cars into Group B, I am asking the drivers to book all day and have one driver in the morning and one in the afternoon or have the drivers take alternate drives in Group A.

We love having the quick cars at the track, and want them to keep coming. We just can't share them with drivers in group B anymore.