Time Attack Series Round 1
Queensland Raceway
  • 00 DAYS
  • 00 HRS
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Series Rules 2021


2020 Time Attack Series Classes:

A: Street Class

B: Track Tuned Class

C: Performance Class

D: Performance Aero Class

E: Extreme Class

Time Attack Quickest Lap

General Rules:

  1. Nitrous prohibited.
  2. The same driver must drive the same vehicle for the duration of the series. The combination of vehicle and driver shall collect points.
  3. Modifications must not be made which reclassify the vehicle during the series. Points are not transferable between classes. If the car is modified which changes the classification, it will start again in the new classification with zero points.
  4. Engine capacity shall be taken from the vehicle manufactures technical specification (not the sales brochure). If the engine capacity has been modified, the driver shall declare the new engine capacity for correct classification.
  5. Tyres must be within the bodywork of the vehicle and not protruding.
  6. Vehicle manufacturing definition: Make = Manufacture, Model = Vehicle Type, Release Model = Series release within Model (e.g. Make = Mitsubishi, Model = EVO, Release Model = X) For vehicles without clearly defined release models, these will be as per the manufactures stated generations. Such as WRX first generation 1992-2000, second generation 2000-2007 and their associated model numbers.

Series Rules:

  1. The series will consist of 5 rounds. All rounds will count towards the result.
  2. At least 3 rounds must be completed to qualify for a trophy at the end of the year.
  3. Only paid members of Time Attack shall collect points for the series.
  4. At each round the best lap on the nominated track (Sprint or Clubman) will be used to determine points.
  5. Attendance of morning, afternoon or all day can be used to put down lap times that count towards the points for a given round.

Street Class:

Download the rules

Track Tuned Class:

Download the rules

Performance Class:

Download the rules

Performance Aero Class:

Download the rules

Extreme Class:

Download the rules

Points Allocation:

1st = 30 points, 2nd = 25 points, 3rd = 22 points, 4th = 20 points, 5th = 19 points, 6th = 18 points, 7th = 17 points, 8th = 16 points, 9th = 15 points, 10th = 14 points, 11th = 13 points, 12th = 12 points, 13th = 11 points, 14th = 10 points, 15th = 9 points, 16th = 8 points, 17th = 7 points, 18th = 6 points, 19th = 5 points, 20th = 4 points

Rulings and Decisions:

  1. If you are unsure of something, check in advance.
  2. All protests must be submitted in writing within 24 hours of the completion of an event.
  3. The final classification of all cars will be at the discretion of the check in crew. No discussion will be entered.
  4. The organiser's decision shall be final. No dispute shall be entered.
  5. Time Attack management reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone, or ask anyone to leave an event without prior notice.