Time Attack Series Round 5
Lakeside Park
  • 00 DAYS
  • 00 HRS
  • 00 MINS
  • 00 SECS


Track Fees/Booking conditions

The number of drivers booked for the morning and afternoon sessions are capped. Only pre-paid places are secured.

Half Track Day: Members Half Day: $160, Non Members $180

Full Track Day: Members Full Fay: $280, Non Members $320

There is a $40 cancellation fee for half day and $80 for full day. The remainder of your payment will be refunded. This cancellation fee is due once you have stated you want to book into an event and have reserved a place.

See Membership page for cancellation rules.

Driver Training - $100 Members Only

Beginners: The classroom session is available for free for beginners to help you get involved safely and get the most out of the day. Taking up the in car training is encouraged.

Improve your driving skills with driver training. You will receive a classroom session then in car tuition with Doug Chapel, one of the most experienced drivers around Qld Raceway and Lakeside.


To get timing you will need a West Holder Timing transmitter. You can rent it on the day for $20 or buy for $95 from the race track office before the event. A Lapceievr which provides instant in car lap times can also be Purchased for an extra $85 which works with the Westhold system.


Qld Raceway Clubman License. You need an QR license to participate in Time Attack Events at either Lakeside or QR. This license provides Personal Accident and Loss of Income insurance cover in the event you have a crash and cannot work, full detail of benefits can be viewed here.

Exact details for each event shall be emailed before the event, and may differ to the above information for a particular event.

Special Event pricing will be announced with the event.